There are fewer and fewer teachers each year. Why? The teachers are paid very little. “The median elementary teachers pay was $39,300 in 2015” ( while a “Median high school teachers pay is slightly higher: $44,970” ( There are fewer teachers in every state, not just in Arizona. A writer from the Washington Post (Valerie Strauss) says that “Teacher shortages are affecting every state as 2017-18 school year begins.”

By September 26, 2017 we had lost 526 teachers in Arizona. By December 19,2017 we had lost 866 teachers. That means in a time span of 84 days we lost 340 teachers.

Arizona teachers are leaving Arizona to go teach in nearby states because those states pay more. “Fun Fact: a Costco worker will make $12,000 more in a year than an average Arizona teacher” (Peter Greene).

Ms. Romo, a teacher at Maryvale high school says ” I’ve taught enough years where my salary is decent but, teachers barely starting out get paid less and I think that’s why they are quitting.” But also she feels that the staff isn’t supported as much as the used to be.

So the main reason why are teachers leaving Arizona? The pay.