There are lots of different technologies out now. Cell phones, computers, laptops, Smart TV’s , tablets, bluetooth devices, sensors in cars, and so much more. Most of these things need WiFi to be more useful. According to a 2015 Pew Research study, teens are the age group that uses social media and the Internet the most. Facebook is the most used social platform with half of those teenage users using Instagram and Snapchat. 71 percent of teenagers use more than one social platform.

There are studies that believe that people who use ‘too much’ social media can be addicted or have some type of mental illness. Some negatives are stress, mood, anxiety, depression and loss of sleep. Stress is created because people are more aware to others’ opinions and worries, which makes them worry. A negative mood is created because the user is aware that they are wasting time scrolling and scrolling through a news feed. Also, mood changes are spread by emotional posts made by  people. Anxiety is created by restlessness, worry, and lack of concentration. A person who uses four or more social platforms are more likely to have anxiety than someone who uses none or two social platforms. A study of 700 students showed that they experienced low moods, worthlessness, and hopelessness. The students who had higher levels are the ones who had more negative interactions, like cyber bullying. Lastly, loss of sleep. The blue light from a screen plays a big part, which leads into obsessive checking which then leads to addiction.

Researchers believes that addiction to the Internet causes relationship problems, academic failures, mental disorders, and less communication. They believe an Internet addiction is worse than being addicted to cigarettes and alcohol. Too find out more, look at Pew Research studies.