Rosa Parks was a very hard worker and a well-educated women and what she did was very brave during the time she did what she did. You are probably wondering what she did. For those of you who don’t know her story, she refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man. She was sitting on the ”blacks only” side but because they were out of seats the bus driver took the liberty to move the sign so that the white man could sit.  Parks was tired after working in a store all day, and she refused. She was kicked off  and forced to exit the bus and stand in the rain, at which point the police arrived and she was arrested and jailed. As a result, many people boycotted the public bus system in Mississippi. She took it to court and won the trial and she was the first women or “colored” person to fight the policy of coloreds-only buses and during that time she got many death threats.

Martin Luther King Jr. was also one of the most important people in the civil rights movement. He was a pastor at his church. He is also one of the first people in history to let kids join in the protests. Many protesters were sprayed with a fire hose and taken to jail.  His policy of non-violent protest was met with violence on the part of the authorities and those who opposed the civil rights movement. This caused many injuries and a few deaths during he time and although those involved in the movement avoided violence against those who supported segregation, this did not stop the violence against them.   He wrote a powerful speech, “I have a dream”  that may have just brought people to tears  than the “Titanic” movie ever could.  Unfortunately he was shot and died  outside a Memphis, TN  hotel on April 4, 1968.

There are many events taking place in Phoenix to celebrate the holiday.  You can find a list of the events valleywide at  The weekend is also a weekend of service in many communities, with residents being asked to volunteer and do things to help their communities.