On Thursday, December 14, The Federal Communications Center (FCC) ignores the American wishes and repeals Net Neutrality. With the internet completely gone for me now I guess I can say bye bye to everyone. Just kidding but with the disappearance of Net Neutrality, you ponder to the internet gods, ” Now What?” You see, now you’ll have to pay for packages for simple things like entertainment, social media, E.T.C. or  as predicted we might have to do that.

The FCC chairman doesn’t want us to be happy. He’s basically the Grinch who stole Christmas.

I have something to say on this topic though. Why? The internet was good how it was. I know it’s successful but, they shouldn’t just take it from us and say, hey you’ll have to pay more because we’re greedy and want more money. I for one don’t like the idea at all, along with like millions of others, because of that shear fact. We should have are basic human rights and you know do whatever we want on the internet; You know except for illegal things. In my opinion I predict that it’ll probably just make the internet worse and it’ll probably fail, but we can still repeal the vote though however. You yourself can help by going to this link and share your opinion.