Liberalism is going on around us every day whether it be the friend that claims the government should fix their hardships or is responsible for their hardships or some protest on TV that claims their 15th gender should have its own bathroom. Personally I think liberals are what’s holding this generation down with a ball and a chain. Liberal beliefs are hard to explain so I’ll give some examples: Liberals believe that the government is supposed to give everyone equal opportunities and hold them responsible for those who aren’t given these opportunities. Liberals are also infamous for blaming the government for their own problems and their ills, they believe that abortion is okay and that a women can do what she wants with her body.

Here at Maryvale where it’s nothing but millennials and the latter, one from afar wouldn’t be able to tell about how much this school is devolving from the inside, but once you step inside you witness all the clubs and cliques of the 21st century and even the teachers that insist on talking about how Trump is ruining the country and how the death penalty is wrong instead of teaching. My point of this paragraph is that people, not just at Maryvale, should quit pushing their irrelevant beliefs on anyone who is even a step to the right of their political scale. I get how intolerable Right wing people are to Left wings but trust me when I say this…that feeling goes both ways just like your bathrooms.

As a teenager I own no guns nor do I participate in a domestic militia not because I don’t want to, because I would, but because I’m busy. I believe that the second amendment is one to die for. If you’re not familiar the second amendment is the right to keep and bear arms as well as a regulated militia shall not be infringed, Liberals LOVE and I mean love to constantly nag right wings for the 2nd amendment claiming that only the militia portion should apply. I once had a JROTC instructor whom I asked “what would you do if America was overrun by a foreign threat” which he replied “then I’m going out guns blazing” probably one of the most badass things I have ever heard. That is one example that the second amendment is a positive thing because citizens like you and me could stop a crime from happening. In conclusion if you agree with the liberal views I suggest you reevaluate yourself.