A casual day here in Maryvale is seeing kids walk around with a bag of hot Cheetos, but are they bad for you? Hot Cheetos contains little nutritional value and are not good for your health. Hot Cheetos are considered a bad diet choice due to the fact that they are high in fat and sodium and contain multiple artificial ingredients. Not only do hot Cheetos make you fat but also they make you grow red pimples. Hot Cheetos have an acid in them which makes the inside of your large intestine peel off, if you eat too many hot Cheetos, you could end up in the hospital! Hot Cheetos contain red spicy animal powder, fat, food coloring, and fatty cheese that makes you gain a lot of weight. Researchers have once said that the regular Cheetos are actually more fattening and sometimes higher in sodium content. Hot Cheetos can cause sore throats or a headache if you consume too much.