Remember to read part one first!!!!!!


Stumbling as we walked through the dark, I could hear Anne say to walk against the walls. I waved my arms around for a moment or two before realizing I was pretty far from a wall. Screaming continued at one end of the hall and I started to use it as my guide, having no other option, besides running into a wall, which did happen a moment after the screams stop.

James, hearing the thud of my crash, told everyone to head right and keep talking so we all headed the same “right.” As we continued through the dark I noticed a sudden drop in the floor, like a stairwell. I got everyone to stop and we checked it out. Slowly Matt and I went down the stairs. James was helping Anne And Henry down before he followed suit. At the bottom of the stairs there was a door. I started to search for a handle when  the door opened. Matt found the handle first. A bright light blinded us as we walked in.

We looked around the room for a moment. Beakers and tubes were broken on the floor, wires hung down from the ceiling, and large tubes held equally  large creatures. They were suspended in a greenish, yellow liquid, James swore he saw them blink when he walked past. On the far side of the room there were similarly large tubes, and all but two were shattered. One held what looked like a human fetus, the other…. Matt?

Matt stood in front of himself for a moment, shocked. We all were, but only James had the guts to move. He turned towards the desk in the middle of the room and quickly grabbed a few folders at a time and put them in his bag to look at later. After he had half of them a scream bellowed through the halls, closer and louder than we had heard previously. Matt turned to the exit and broke out in a sprint.  Anne and Henry quickly followed with more of the folders from the desks in their hands.

James and I ran after them telling them we needed to find the source. Following the path we had walked earlier we found our supply cart and continued until we were back in the halls of the school. Looking around we found Anne and Henry, but no Matt. Louder screams than before came up through the halls. James handed me his bag and went back under for Matt.

It’s been two weeks since that day and both James and Matt are back, and have been for a while. We’re both glad and terrified as we heard them scream and we saw what went on down there. Until proven to not be clones, remind me to check up on those two and to reread the files from that night.


Thanks for reading part two of Matt’s Fate. I’ve continued to investigate and the screams have stopped but the smell at that end of the school has gotten worse. If you see Matt or James around, could you talk to them? Anne has been going through the notes and says that it’s important.