People are always talking about how they’re “tired” of doing the same old thing. They’re tired of having the same routine for example, going to the grocery store every Wednesday or playing bingo every Friday. People want change and who can blame them because sometimes change is good and for the better but a lot of the time we ask ourselves how do we change? what do we change? even questions like when do we change? and why should we change?

Change is a scary process. Change is when you transition from an old habit to form a new one or just transition in general, like moving from one house to another or getting rid of junk food and eating healthy food. Don’t be mistaken – change is good but it can also be very bad. Just like anything in life, everything has its pros and cons. For example, if you were thinking about getting rid of certain foods to better your diet that would be considered a pro and eating foods that worsen your diet would be considered a con.

Although it seems like I’ve been talking about nothing but food for the last two paragraphs believe it or not i haven’t, so reinventing yourself includes making these such changes. You don’t necessarily have to make changes to reinvent yourself maybe you could keep the old things and just add to it, lets say you play a sport well to  reinvent yourself you don’t have to stop playing this sport maybe you can just play other sports too.

The point of this article is that change is good, like i said in the beginning. It’s always good to keep an open mind and be open to trying new things that make you a better person.