After a week of painstaking research and investigation our team leader James announced we had to drop the project of the glowing lights, once again. With so much more still to learn about them, we decided to take on a smaller, cheaper case to recuperate. The quickest one we could get our hands on was a request to us by a freshmen.

They lead us to a part of the school reeking of mystery. Literally, The place smelled like a body was left there in 2005 and no one bothered with it, not even the buzzards. The kid said that everyday at the same time you could hear screams coming from the science and family center, and that wasn’t the strangest part. Every day at those times the smell got worse and worse then just stopped altogether, leaving an odorless walkway. This simple case was quickly turning into a horror story, but we gave them our word so we began our investigation. Upon first glance the building seemed normal, so Matt, the team’s new intern began to set up our equipment as we scanned the area for anything of interest.

After two to three hours of finding nothing but the occasional peace of lint, we began to suspect we were led on a wild goose chase and began to pack our things. Suddenly, Anne claimed to hear scratching on the far hall’s walls. We listened but heard nothing until a loud shriek broke the silence. There was no other door leading that way but we frantically began to look for a way through. Henry suggested we look for a trap door, that he had built plenty in his home and with the right eye they weren’t hard to find.

As he began to search for a lever, pulley or crack that looked off , we began to push on the wall until we heard a click and a door way opened up. Matt and I brought the equipment over then we plunged into the darkness.

The screams continued.


See you all at part two…..