Some people say that online shopping sucks, but I think that online shopping is 10 times better because at stores they may not have what you’re looking for and online there’s a 95% of you finding what you’re looking for. I am not saying that it’s not good to walk to stores or go to them, but sometimes people waste their time going and then the store doesn’t have what they’re looking for. Of course, some people may disagree and that’s okay but it is better to just order what you want because if you plan on going to a store and buying something and you feel like it’s not going to have what you’re looking for, then instead of going and wasting your time you can just order it. The downside is that that it may take several days to get to you depending on where it comes from. I believe that people should buy things online more because for example let’s say that you want the new iPhone X but they don’t have it at any store – you would have to order it online because they don’t have it anywhere, unless you are willing to drive around to multiple stores looking for it. My suggestion is that people stop wasting their time at stores and shop online .