Supreme is a skateboard and clothing brand established in 1994 in New York city, founded by James Jebbia. This brand has been very successful for the past 2 decades. Supreme makes clothing, shoes, accessories, and manufactures skateboards. It is very a popular brand worldwide. Every time Supreme releases a item hundreds of people camp outside the stores for hours hoping to buy the item before it sells out. Reselling supreme items can often leave a really good profit. Hypebeast will buy almost anything with the name supreme on it for the craziest prices. Some people are willing to pay ten thousand dollars or more  for a supreme item that someone else bought for cheaper in stores. Supreme blew up when they first introduced the unique “box logo supreme ” line . This red box with white letters was released had changed the game forever , they had that logo in shirts, hoodies, boxers, skateboards and many other items. Now hypebeast goes crazy just by mentioning the name supreme.