Most schools don’t allow students to leave campus during school time at all but students still find a way to leave. Daily a couple of students leave Maryvale  during lunch to ditch the rest of the day or to go get food. The question is, should students be able to leave to buy lunch?

Maryvale High School is a closed campus and no students are allowed to leave during school days. I think students should be able to leave but I also understand the reasons they shouldn’t. I’m sure those kids are going to rush out of the school as fast as possible and just that puts them in danger. They could get in a car accident or worse get kidnapped and God knows what they could do to them. Anyway, students shouldn’t be leaving school.

I also think students should be able to leave because cafeteria food in general is gross. Cafeteria schools serve the same nasty food every week.  I think that it’s mostly their fault because they don’t even try to give good food since it’s not for them. Students sometimes bring extra money to go get McDonalds and come back to school to eat it here.