Maryvale High School holds many talented students in sports, arts, and academics. There is a group of students who are talented and hard working in Ms. Elm’s eighth hour. If you do not know who she is, Ms. Elms is one of Maryvale’s hard working teachers who teaches students to play the piano. Her students learn their songs and play for an audience before and after school. Her students play solos and ensembles. Ms. Elms and her students work hard to perfect their music.

The week after a recital I watched during eighth period, I decided I want to write about these talented people. I visited the piano room and asked Ms. Elms and her students some questions.

Ms. Elms started to learn how to play the piano at seven years old. She started to teach people at 20 years old. She has taught at Maryvale for 10 years. She taught piano and choir together for seven years; she now only teaches piano. The reason she loves to teach the piano is because she enjoys seeing her students go up onto the stage and play their song that they put so much work on, in front of a group of people. She has many students who actually love the art of music and she loves to see the students who do enjoy the piano carry on throughout their high school years.

When I got near the piano room, I noticed that there was just music playing. They all knew what they had to do and what to play. They learn and practice their songs by playing a piano. The students that I talked to that were in ensembles, Gerardo Parra and Bereuice Cinco, felt that this led two different experiences. Parra said that playing with Cinco had no difficulties and was easy. However, Cinco, who played two different ensembles, said it was both easy and hard. She said the only difficulty she had was how everyone had their different speed when they play. Once I started to talk to other students, I noticed how mixed up it was. There were students who have always wanted to play and students who were just placed in the elective. There were students who didn’t know what they wanted to play, but knew they wanted to play an instrurment.

Maryvale students yet again showed that they are talented. I wondered what will blow us away next.