There are endless possibilities to buy on online shopping and there are many companies that specialize in online shopping. There is Alibaba, Walmart, Ebay, and the world’s no 1 ecommerce store in the world Amazon. Most of us have at least heard of Amazon or maybe even bought something from there and it’s pretty incredible how fast Amazon grew. But how successful is it? According to ISLR: “Today, half of all U.S. households are subscribed to the membership program Amazon Prime, half of all online shopping searches start directly on Amazon, and Amazon captures nearly one in every two dollars that Americans spend online. Amazon sells more books, toys, and by next year, apparel and consumer electronics than any retailer online or off, and is investing heavily in its grocery business. As a retailer, its market power now rivals or exceeds that of Walmart, and it stands only to grow: Within five years, one-fifth of the U.S.’s $3.6 trillion retail market will have shifted online, and Amazon is on track to capture two-thirds of that share.”

               And the numbers grow with every new product and sales event.
As you can see Amazon is pretty successful and has a nonstop growing rate. You can only imagine how much bigger they’re going to get.
As of 2016, Amazon’s revenue is at 136 billion USD, clocking in more cash than big name brand Google who only has 89.46 billion USD.
That’s outstanding! But that’s a few facts of how successful Amazon is. But we can only imagine how much more successful it can get.