The Free Application for Federal Student Aid better known as “FAFSA”, It’s a form every senior should be familiar with.This is a form that can be done every year by current and prospective college, student undergraduate and graduate in the United States to determine their eligibility for student financial aid. This is often a 100+ question form which covers in many areas, including parental and student income as well as plans and expenses for continuing education. The FAFSA, is the first step in applying for a share of the billions of dollars in student financial aid that are available every year. The amount of money you are able to receive depends on how economically stable you are. Maryvale held a FAFSA fiesta on October 24 to help students and parents fill out paperwork.  But if you missed it, don’t worry – you can still get help with your FAFSA! Ask your counselor about this important step in planning for your future.