Procrastination is the friend you know is a bad influence and you probably shouldn’t be hanging out with but you do anyway because why not? Procrastination is choosing pleasure over work because you swear you’ll get it done tomorrow and the next thing you know it’s the deadline and you’re rushing to finish, kind of like i’m doing right now. But we won’t worry about that because the point is we’re all suckers when it comes to procrastination.

I always think of possible ways to avoid procrastination like for example getting my work done ahead of time or doing my chore when it needs to be done or taking the dog for a walk when he needs to use the bathroom, basically doing things as soon as they need to be done. I’m not going to fib, I have tried all of these things and they actually worked and kept me on track… for a while and then the next thing I knew I was sitting around telling myself I’ll do it later.

It really frustrates me because no matter how hard you try and train yourself to stay on top of things procrastination is always there, almost like it’s impossible to avoid. I have came to the realization that maybe the things you surround yourself with are a big part of the problem, for example your phone, friends, TV, anything that would prevent you from doing what needs to be done. I also just came to another realization that being a teen is hard enough and procrastination probably won’t ever leave us alone, so good luck.