In this you will learn the basics to taking in a shirt or dress that is tOo big. In sewing taking in means to make the shirt, skirt,dress or other article of clothing fit closer to your actual measurements. This is a basic guide and won’t turn you into a master overnight but if you want to learn more about sewing after you read this tutorial I recommend  checking out both Nutty Crafter and HandiWorks on Youtube. Search them up or click their names for the link!!

The first step: Before you start sewing, it is good to get your measurements, I already have mine so I was able to skip this step. To do this take a flimsy tape measure (not the kind used in construction) and wrap it around your waist loosely, writing down your measurements. Then add one to two inches on, depending on how you want the outfit to fit. You will need to redo your measurments every few months if you sew frequently.




The second step: Turn the article of clothing  you are altering inside out – in this tutorial, I’m altering a nightgown. Then measure how much from the sides you need to take off for the gown to fit. Measuring from the inside seam, where it was sewn previously. Mark it with washable ink or sewing pins so you don’t lose it. You will have to pin it regardless but marking the area first ensures a bit more accuracy.

The third step: Cut off the extra fabric. This can be done after sewing but I prefer to do it first, leaving a small amount of extra space  so I don’t prick my fingers on the pins while sewing and to give the seam more room for if I mess up. By this time I have already pinned the fabric. Start to pick a thread color matching your fabric –  if it is two toned like my example pick your favorite.

The fourth step: Thread your needle and begin to sew. There are a few different ways to sew so I have shared a video below explaining the most basic stitches for you to start out with, if you have sewn before then you have already a slight knowledge on the different ways to sew and already know what to do. Though I still recommend looking at the video just encase you are unsure.

The fifth and final step: Test the size, making alterations where needed. Then wash and dry your clothing according to the tags, keeping it inside out. Turn it back  right-side in, and enjoy your perfect-fitting shirt, dress, or what ever!!!!!