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Photography is a form of visual art that is expressed in many ways. When doing the art of photography it’s not just trying to take the best picture or you trying to look a tumblr star or aesthetic. It means that you are trying to capture an image in time that makes you feel one way but can make another person feel a completely different way. It means that  you see this image that has a meaning and a story to tell. Photography is something that can’t really be explained in words but only by seeing the image that has been captured for you to see. Any image you may have seen may seem simple or worthless but think of the person who captured that image the time it took them to get it just right. Think of the setting like this image above. What do you think about it when you see it? How does it make you feel? What was the purpose of this photograph? There are so many questions that can be asked buy just looking at a image the possibilities are endless. Photography opens up your eyes, mind, and soul.  A good photograph has a way of grabbing your attention.