Entering freshman year you think that since it is the first year of high school it the least important grade to enter. Let me tell you how it will affect you, later on through out the rest of your school years. First of all, once you mess around, you will not do your homework, after that you will “slack” all the way cause you will get lazy to even try again later. Which sucks cause when you’re in the next three years of high school that is when you will want to make up the credits that you messed up early on, which gets you to the point where you get stressed out and worried cause you might not to be able to catch up on time for your graduation. So, STAY FOCUSED!

Also, stay out of trouble as much as you can it can affect you in so many ways like, For example, let’s say you do not want to follow directions as to what the teacher is telling you and you want to respond in a very disrespectful manner and the teacher writes you a referral, that referral will permanently stay in your school record. Or if you think that fighting another student will get you far, you are so wrong. The only thing it will get you to is probably a week of suspension and a referral. Which is stupid cause it is very easily avoidable problem.

Although you think you can wear anything to school, you are wrong. Dress code is honestly so stupid (in my opinion), but it is something you need to follow to look “proper” in a way. I am pretty sure you do not want to get dress coded early in the morning. Either way school is for learning not to impress anybody. It is much better to come dressed as simply as possible than to look stupid later on when you get sent to security and make you put something on that you dislike. Also, If you are a female do not go overboard with your makeup, let me tell you that you are just  wasting your makeup pointlessly so think about it, you will regret wearing all of that by junior year :).