Snapchat is a fun way to communicate with your family and friends to share events, important information and many more interesting things. However how people are using it now is truly inappropriate and we need to take precautions.

Snapchat has a new update called snap maps which allows you to view any of your friends at the given moment that they are located in. This can be truly dangerous, in this cruel world there are many stalkers and predators that attempt to lure children in. We need to know who we are adding on social media and please go in ghost mode. Ghost mode allows you to stay private which doesn’t let anyone see your location. Do you really want strangers to know where you are at?

Being aware of what you do and what you post on Snapchat is also very serious. People have the ability to screenshot which goes to their camera roll and only they can delete it. We are not aware of how that can harm us, it can be important information or anything that can harm a person. Some people find amusement of seeing people suffer and that is totally inhumane. Realizing that one of your most favorite apps is actually dangerous can make someone be more aware and have a different mindset.

Let’s all be aware of the dangers that Snapchat holds beneath its innocent little ghost icon. Realize that it can truly affect us, please just be aware and take precautions.