Over the past week I have been working with several ghost investigators trying to get to the bottom of the strange stories about glowing orbs floating in several of the girls bathrooms. The “Glowing Devils,” as some of the witnesses have begun to call them, have reportedly been responsible for several accidents. The results of the initial incidents have led to multiple faked stories; fifteen students staying home out of not wanting to encounter the specters; and several faculty members quitting their jobs. Some of the students avoiding school made up stories to try and prolong their stay at home, stories such as being sick or having a family member who has died.

But outside of these incidents reports from all across the school have been popping up. Going from as simple as ” I saw the glowing devils with my own eyes!!!” to stories that have been more thought out, much like the stories of Mario Jumpmen and Lee Everett.

Mario claims he was out side a girls bathroom waiting for his girlfriend to finish fixing her makeup so he cold walk her to her next class when it fist showed itself to him.  “I saw it faze through the wall and all I could do was stair and it was terrifying,” he then, as he was trying to describe the event, started screaming loudly at the hall for a solid minute before collapsing on the floor. He has since stopped talking to me claiming he has no idea what I was talking about and that he didn’t have a girlfriend.

Lee on the other hand still remembers the interview and the event. He was walking through the school late at night after a recent football game, looking for an assignment he lost  earlier in the day. After having found his assignment in the 700 building, he proceeded to walk back to the football field when her heard a noise coming from the girls bathroom. he walked towards the room knowing better than to go inside, ” My sister would kill me if I did,” he said, when the light emerged from the doorway. It started to repeat the exorcism from supernatural, which is in Latin, right in front of hem as if it was trying to rid itself from itself. As a person who watched supernatural, he not only noticed the exorcism but also knew to run away “before sh!t got real.”

After having collected other interviews and spending the night at the school we have created a way to identify when one of the apparitions are near by, as to stop confusing them with camera light reflections in the bathroom mirror. They will make a low humming noise when they ae small and pink; they will make a loud screeching  noise  when the are small and blue; and they will speak fluent Latin when they are large and orange. The small yellow ones have never been caught making a noise but one member of our crew, Jane our intern, has claimed one fallowed her home and whispered her sins into her ears, but this has yet to be confirmed. The glowing light, all colors, have been reported to mess with all sorts of electronic devices within 10ft (ten feet) of them. So if the wifi in your class suddenly or if your phone suddenly dies after coming to a full charge, I recommend running. Vary fast.

If you have seen these glowing lights or if you have a friend who has comment bellow and tell us what you can.




YAY!!! This was the first ever article for the “Totally Not Clickbait” series. I hope you all enjoyed this episode which was heavily inspired by random ghost stories I found on Tumblr. All the things in this article is fake and done for entertainment purposes. I will have a new Totally Not Clickbait article posted every two Fridays.

The photo for this article was edited by me. If you have any photo editing skills or want to ask about an idea you have for Totally Not Clickbait please comment bellow and I will get back to you about your idea later. Thank you again for reading.