Unlike other games, the developers of GTA keep adding updates that have new things like cars, business, guns and new game modes. For example, Call of Duty only adds guns and not new maps or anything else.  In the GTA game, there are many new things to add and every time they add a new update it’s always going to be better then the last update. Rock Star is the game development company behind GTA so they deserve credit for this game and all the other great game to come out. GTA  Five also is one the best selling games out there. there are millions of many copies of GTA as well as downloads.The other reason why GTA was and still is a great game is because the game is fun because of all the things you can do. You can play with your friends and it could be the most fun you have ever had – more fun than playing alone.But the main reason why GTA is such a great game is because it’s an open world game and it’s a remake of one of the most popular cities – Los Angeles –  but in GTA it is called Los Santos and Holywood is called Vinewood due to copyright issues.