Image result for note 8There’s a new phone coming to the market soon and it’s bigger and better but for some people they are scared because of last year’s problem with the Galaxy Note 7 – a phone that everyone knows for blowing up and burning peoples legs and thighs.Samsung has even made a video about them saying sorry and thanks for giving them a chance to impress you with their new phone that they insist 100% that will not blow up.The note 8 is the biggest screen with the best resolution to be put on a phone and it has a headphone jack unlike other phones.The note 8 also is going to be only around 900 dollars unlike the new I phone that is coming out that is going to be starting at 999 and up.The note 8 is also going to be the smartest phone out on the market. It also is going to have bixby, the new smart voice they added on the Galaxy 8+. The note 8 is going to continue the bixby button on the side of the phone.Some people may say its useful but most say it just a waste of space on the side of the phone. In my opinion,  it is a waste of space but they are just trying new things. Samsung is just trying to see what will sell and what wont.