I think that dogs should have a home no matter what. Dogs are like people except different looking. Why should dogs be treated differently than people if they’re both alike?  We both have hearts, we both have eyes, we both have mouths – ..what’s the difference between people and dogs? It’s like people being in the streets without water and food. When this happens,  they can die of hunger or thirst. I personally treat people and dogs like they were the same. So i don’t understand why dogs have to be treated differently.

Some people of course don’t think the same as me  but just take a minute and think – how would you feel if you were in their positions? You wouldn’t like it, right ? Well I know for a fact that I wouldn’t. Just imagine having a lot of fur and being in this heat in the streets, with no food nor water. Every time I pass by homeless dogs or people it makes me just want to help them. But how? It’s not  easy, I know that but at least giving them some money or food or water would be alright, no? So this may not be everyone’s opinion but it’s okay because this is my opinion.