We COD players never been so happy for a new call of duty.Call of duty WW2 takes you back in time in 1939 when it all began.Before we get in the main topic let me give you a little information about WW2.Yeah i know what your thinking,why is going to do this.Well i”m doing this because so when you get the game you will get a brief idea how it was like back then.WW2 began in July 7,1937 and ended September 2,1945.The war started when  Germany attacked Poland. When Germany did that Britain and France didn’t like it so they went to war.  COD WW2 is coming out on November 3,2017.The game will be available for PlayStation and Xbox one.This game will be the best Call of duty yet.This will be the best call of duty because its in the past and not the future. I think more COD  players like COD games set in the past than those set in the future.This COD in general is different because in one division you could take off the suppressorf.This is going to be the best COD of all time.