This is what people get wrong.

Depression is:

  • loss of  interest
  • feeling worthless and, or guilty
  • thinking of life without you
  • too much sleep or no sleep
  • changes in your appetite
  • feeling useless
  • not giving a f*ck about anything
  • being able to fake a smile

Most of us make jokes about it but what we don’t know is that person needs love and affection. Not every thing is a joke, and depression is something to be takenseriously. This is affecting many teens and some are used to the pain and loneliness and can just smile and tell everyone they are fine. A really close friend might be going through hell all by themselves. The strongest people we know might be the ones that are hurting the most. We have no idea who is suffering all by themselves Most of us don’t know what depression is, so it’s something we should learn the signs of – it may change a life.