Ever since the early to mid 1900’s marijuana has been a controversial topic in America. Known in America as: THC,Weed,Grass, and certain selling techniques have it called ‘dime’ or ‘gram’. Now very common in the U.S with hundreds to thousands of strains doctors have found great medical uses for it but whether the morality of it outweighs the benefits is hard to tell.

There are many pros to medical marijuana, one of the major ones includes its uses within cancer research and cancer patients themselves. Cancer patients often have to go through Chemotherapy that combats cancer cells , but with this Chemo comes an excruciating pain afterwards which can be cured by the smoking of marijuana or consuming THC oils. Nonetheless doctors and scientists are investigating into THC to see if there is a possible cure. Since these extensive researches many states around the country have legalized Medical Marijuana for those who have diagnosed chronic pains and many other people. There is many other pros such as the sale of legal marijuana could generate more funds for the area selling it and use the tax dollars for schools or other recreational uses all whilst dropping crime rates.

Also many negative things come with the legalization of marijuana. Along with the positives of legalized marijuana there are also many negatives such as: it takes only one person to retail them and all the kids are exposed to it. With the dropping crime rates there would be an expected rise in car crashes, the number one killer for teens, these negatives do come with the very good moralities of Marijuana.

I believe that Medical Marijuana would be really positive and it would dawn a new world when we legalize a plant.