We have had lots of protest around the world. As time went by we started to adopt new habits of defending our rights. As we start to do that it begins to be worse and worse. On August 22, 2017 Donald J. Trump came to Phoenix, Arizona to give a speech on the pardon of Joe Arpaio. When the speech began protesters began to show up and say that Trump has been ruining the world and  he has been breaking laws. When Trump was done giving his speech and his supporters were leaving the building people began to argue and fight. I went after the speech just to see how it looked and how bad it was. When I got there people were screaming and it was crazy. When we turned around the corner we saw people running and trying to get away from the smoke bombs. The place was full of police and helicopters going around and flashing lights. As the smoke started spreading the streets began to cover up which was very dangerous for drivers and not only that, people stopped in the middle of the road just to take videos. When I was leaving and got to the freeway it was so packed over the protest  that students from Arizona State University were not allowed to leave their dorms and this became an issue since it was all happening around the building.  This proves that many protests have been getting out of control. This could be bad because as we grow older how will we control them or even stop them?