Watch anime? Like to draw? Enjoy making costumes and dressing in them? Consider this, Joining both the Anime Club and the Cosplay club. Lets take a look.

Anime Club

In the anime club you can watch new anime series that you might not have considered to watch in the past. And find new characters to love and draw. For you who do there are many drawing competitions that change topics over the year, the first this year being to design an original mascot for the club. And for the more social types the people of the club are energetic and make the club a positive place to spend your time.

Though in the past they have had problems with people being disruptive, playing card games and talking to their friends loudly while the show is playing. The club government has started taking action against people disrupting the fun for others. John , the clubs vice president, has stated that they want the club to be a “positive place to hang out” and watch anime with others.

All the members interviewed have shown they shared this view. They went on to say the club was “crazy but still fun” and an amazing place to watch new and great anime with others. “I thought everyone was crazy, I was shy,” said  Lynessa Carrie, who now is the anime clubs out going and involved president.

Cosplay Club

And what are you to do if you find a character that you think looks just like you and you want to have a costume of? Well that is why the anime club is working with the new Cosplay Club! Welcome to a club full of people who have had that same thought  and need a place to start. Here you will find images of the outfit  you want to create, learn how to sew it together, design you own if you cant pick just one, and wear it around. or just at home if you prefer.

So far as this is the first year of the club they are still making planes for most of what they hope to accomplish and allot of talk for what they plan on doing. Though there is one thing they know as a fact, every one cant wait to sport these costumes on Halloween night.

“Every one wants a kick a** costume” says Adam Aguilar, one of the members who is part of the club to cosplay Sebastian From Black Butler , a popular anime. But now every one knows how and just wants to learn. ” I want to learn how to sew cuz’ I don’t know how to do dat” says another anime fan and budding member, Samantha Hussey.

So if you feel like these clubs would fit you the head on down to Mrs. Firpi’s room for anime club, or Mr.Quios’ room for cosplay club, to join, and remember,

“Senpi! I love You! Please notice me!!” – Anonymous