The number of independent women is increasing. Women are testing the boundaries of the workplace and becoming more than a housewife, but is what some of the speeches and protests really about women? I think certain feminist groups do not know what a real feminist does. Women are suppose to be powerful, independent, and equal to men. Not walking down the street shirtless or protesting with women wearing little to nothing.

Women in the second wave of feminism, in the 1960’s, were more professional and had self respect. They did not bash men who disagree with feminism or call out women who do not call themselves feminists. The second wave of feminists spread their message successfully without being disrespectful. Those women gave us the right to vote and the respect we rightfully deserve.

Another difference that women today do is they seem to really hate men. The comments on social media and documentaries are shocking. These were not respectful women trying to spread their message,but women with hatred towards the opposite gender. What they say and what they think of men. They believe all men are anti-feminists and the men that believe in women rights are told “you don’t know what women really go through.” Men cannot win with these narrow-minded women. These feminists are treating men like how they treated us. They are not changing anything except changing who is being hated on.

Many of the movements for feminism were not very professional. From a walk where you dress with barely anything to a shirtless walk. Women are continuing to show that we shouldn’t be respected, but need to be control by the man of the house, staying home and watching the children, unequal pay, and being just a pretty object to men. We have to show people that we are professional, respected, and there is more that meets the eye. We need to be independent, supportive, and there for each other. Women need to stick together because we know what each of us go through. Men might never understand the monthly pain, child birth, or unequally in a workplace or in a school, but we can help them see. We can help them understand and open their eyes.

Women are not objects but people who have a voice.