Guns are being used for more devastating actions than for necessary defensive actions. Guns should be used in times of threat and danger, not for threatening people and committing horrendous crimes. As time evolves more and more domestic and horrid crimes are stepping into the spotlight.

Many deaths are caused by suicide with guns. If a gun is in near reach during depression, or when a person can’t take it any longer then they are more likely commit suicide with the gun. “More than 60 percent of people in this country who die from guns die by suicide,” according to The New York Times. This can be very devastating for families, that is why guns shouldn’t be used or in possession of someone.

Suicides can cause severe depression for families or close friends of the victim and that can cause grief in the long term. Some people dismiss this by saying that “people don’t even commit suicides with guns.”  However, that is one of the main ways that suicides occur. Without guns easily available, it is less likely that a person will commit suicide with a gun. One deterrent may be a lock on the gun if it is necessary to be armed.

There are many cases of homicide and people will ask, “but what if someone tries to protect themselves with a gun?” What if “protecting” yourself leads to the point of murder? The charges will be placed on you for committing the crime. There have been 11,008 recorded firearm homicides according to Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Guns don’t belong in the hands of inexperienced people. Many gun owners feel that a valid point for guns being available is that they feel more safe with a gun in near reach, but the owner of the gun in the house has full power meaning they can threaten who ever in the family as they please. Is that really what guns should be used for? For homicide and power?

The main reason I believe that the negative use of guns outweighs the positive is all the terrible mass shooting that have occurred – Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, and the one that hit the news like crazy Pulse Club in Orlando. There were 50 deaths in Pulse Club, 33 in Virginia Tech, and 28 in Sandy Hook Elementary because of  guns according to The Washington Post. That is using guns for horrendous crimes. That many deaths in such a small amount of time is outrageous. Maybe using it for the good as in protecting your loved ones from such a scene is acceptable, but what if you get out of control, killing more than your target? Guns are being used for the wrong purposes everyday.

There is no way a gun could be used without destroying something, injuring a living organism, or committing the horrid crime of murder. Many deaths are because of guns, because of the self minded people that don’t care about anything but themselves. With the inclusion of suicides that can tear apart families, It’s truly devastating that guns are being used for bad purposes. The world will become some what a more peaceful place without the misuse of guns. Are guns being used for more horrendous things than good things?