If you’re one of the many players who like to stay informed on the current game their on, these may spark an interest in the Clash Royale players. The Elite Barbarian Hut is a Rare Card coming up for the game update. Playing the card will cost nine Elixirs, and it will release two Elite Barbarians in the battle. The hut will also be much more durable than the regular Barbarian Hut. The Goblin Gun is another Rare Card that will cost four Elixirs to play. When deployed, the gun will shoot out a Goblin every one-and-a-half seconds over its duration of 40 seconds. The Queen Archer will be an Epic Card that has seven-and-a-half squares of range, and can fire every second. It will cost five Elixirs to enter into play. This card is comparable to the Princess Legendary Card, albeit with less range compared to the Princess’ nine tile range. The Queen Archer makes up for it with its much faster firing rate compared to the Princess’ speed of once every three-and-a-half seconds. Another Epic Card for the March update is the Dragon Card. It costs six Elixirs to put into play, but it will be a huge upgrade to the Baby Dragon card with its area damage and the ability to deal additional damage to buildings. It is also much more durable than its Baby Dragon counterpart, having a bigger pool of hitpoints to sustain it before it goes down.