Ronald Conjulun Rodriguez, a man in Phoenix is facing child abuse charges for burning his young daughters hand on a stove. He was arrested at his apartment  after his 7 year old daughter told her school nurse her dad had burned her hand. Once the allegations began investigators interviewed her other seven sibilings and found another 5 year old girl with burns. None of the siblings say they witnessed the abuse. Ronald says they accidentally got burned while they playing in the kitchen. Ronald’s wife says he was angry at his daughters for stealing candy in the house. His wife also admitted that she saw him hold their hands over the stove. According to court she did not see him do anything. She discovered the burns on the 7 year old after returning from her 30 minute trip to the store, she also admits she did not call the police. The family of 9 will have to  wait and see what the final verdict will be and what is to come for their father.