This morning Thursday, May 18 a horrible event happened in New York’s Times Square.A car who was speeding jumped a curb and hit pedestrians, 13 to be exact and Reuters reported 1 death although the FDNY would not confirm any deaths.An NYPD source confirmed to Fox News that an unnamed individual had been taken into custody in the incident. would not confirm any deaths.Authorities have not yet said if the car was intentionally driven into a crowd or if the incident was accidental in nature. As many people near the “accident” said “We saw people laying on the sidewalk…with crowds of people laying around them,” one witness told Fox News. “You could see clumps of people down the sidewalk with people all around them trying to help them.”Several buildings in the area were reportedly on lock down as police swarmed the busy intersection, which is heavily populated with tourists. Numerous blocks had been taped off by police around the scene, said another NYPD officer.This is still under investigation and like said before the NYPD currently have 1 person under custody.Now that is not a good way to start a New York morning.