Summer vacation is right around the corner meaning the weather is heating up and for many, the binge watching on Netflix begins! Whether its staying up all night watching movies, TV shows or documentaries, Netflix will always has a wide variety of engaging content to watch daily. There has been many new series and a crazy buzz for certain Netflix series like “13 Reasons Why” but there are also those shows that are still great to watch even if they were shows from the early 2000s. Here are just a few that you MUST watch



13 Reasons Why

This has been a hit series ever since it came out March 31, 2017 on Netflix. This series was based on the novel written by Jay Asher and along with many other producers, Selena Gomez took part in this project to help spread her inspirational message through this Netflix series. This series tells a story about protagonist Clay Jenson and his friend, Hannah Baker who has committed suicide. She explains her thirteen reasons why she killed herself in thirteen cassette tapes. Each tape contains a story with a certain person and it is up to Clay whether he wants to hear or not. The series is very emotional where this teen drama reflects on this sensitive issue and takes it to where the audience can see the perspective of a human who had been suffering for a long time.

This addicting series has opened the eyes to many where people are more opened to discuss the topic of suicidal which is what the producers wanted to send out. It has really left the viewers with an opened eye and has really impacted them in ways that has led them asking for more. Executive Producer, Selena Gomez, tells E! News “I just wanted it to come across in a way that kids would be frightened, but confused — in a way that they would talk about it because it’s something that’s happening all the time.” The ending of season one has left people in need of a second season which has already been confirmed by the producers of this Netflix series.

How I Met Your Mother

This American sitcom first released back in 2005 but it is never too late to watch this addicting show that will have you laughing for more. Ted Mosby is the protagonist who narrates the story since for the whole nine seasons he is telling his kids the story on how he met their mother (hence the title). He talks about his life with his best friends including the couple Marshall & Lily,the Canadian news reporter, Robin and the womanizer, Barney Stinson who are all their to witness all his heart breaks, stress and crazy events in Manhattan which then lead him to meeting the woman of his dreams.

Full of comedy and romance, this sitcom tells this story of this ordinary architect who seems to be desperate for love, which can be the case for most men his age. This series ended in 2014 but is on Netflix ready for you to binge watch.

Grey’s Anatomy

Again, this is one of the shows that has been aired in the early 2000s but it’s not one to miss. This medical/romantic drama follows the live of interns who are trying to become surgeons while they balance out their personal life as well. Meredith Grey is the protagonist of this series and is accompanied by her other intern friends, Cristina Yang, George O’Malley, Izzie Stevens, and Alex Karev who all struggle in maintaining their lives together while trying to be the best at Seattle Grace Hospital. As interns they begin to know the difficulty of their careers and even question why they chose to become a surgeon. With lives in their hands, they became more determined to try their best in their program.

The seasons follow their journeys and although there are character changes and replacements throughout the series, it continues to keep the original story they followed since the beginning. With the many surgery stories that have been dealt with on the show, the viewer almost feels as if they can be a surgeon themselves (at least that’s how I feel). Again, one not to miss.