This years spirit week had a day where seniors could dress up as the opposite gender. Sounds like fun doesn’t it ? Many of our seniors on campus did enjoy the fact that they could be the opposite gender for a day . Now Gender blender has been a must in the Senior Spirit week yet there was controversy in the way we see this day. To many its just a day where the those who don’t usually wear guy clothes do and they also add a hint of facial hair. On the other hand guys tend to wear these outrageous outfits that girls wont be tempted to bring to school. We have had teachers comment on the fact that it is more normal for girls to wear guy attire yet when guy would wish to do this we as a society would not accept it yet only certain people would. Once senior club heard about the talk they went to our schools LGBT and made sure it was okay with student who are homosexual , the day got accepted by them.Now depending on the student how he would feel their level of confidence (student A) would really not feel as comfortable due to bullying and harassment that could occur.”These pictures below depict guys making fun of the fact they are wearing a dress and girls that are wearing “guys” clothes.” , this again goes into the way that guys are “mocking” girl cloths and those who wear it would be seen of less of a person. As a student of maryvale i do agree that it is a tradition yet we are not really seeing what it could do to those who wish to wear clothing that are not in there “sex”.  This controversy is also going into future Senior spirit weeks and if they should or not ban this day.