Damien Lillard is one of the best point guards in the franchise. He could score from any where, he is difficult to guard in the NBA. I really believe he is a future MVP in the NBA, he has a lot of potential to do something great in the NBA. Lillard gets really hot it’s hard to stop him. Sometimes the opposing defense don’t even try any more – that’s why the commentators say “it’s Lillard time” – he’s about to put on a show. That’s why I think: Lillard is going to be something big in the franchise of the NBA. CJ is a good 3 point shooter. He can also cross the defenders to get an open shot. CJ and Lillard always dominate the floor when they play together. They are also best friends, which helps their chemistry on the court. CJ and Lillard are the best duo in the NBA. They are like the historical duos of Kobe and Shaq or Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen.