Maryvale Senior club

This year Maryvale’s Senior Class have been amazing us with their events. This club revolves around all the seniors, they plan everything from our spirit weeks to senior night and to our senior sunrise to our senior sunset! This club is very hardworking. We talked to an insider about what senior club is about, Mara Chavez  ” what senior class is, it is a club that brings the class together and gives them the best year that they’ve had, to make it so memorable, and that is what senior club is all about Memory and remembering and everything!”

Not only does senior club organize these types of events, they take in all the considerations that they can so they make sure that the Class as a whole is ready to have a fun time. As the club sponsor, Ms. Williams (Co-Sponsor for the last three years) is the one who aids the students in Senior Club. She ensures that the money that they have is spent on events. This club also might take days even weeks to officially announce a certain plan or event, this is because they take in all considerations of what they might do that certain event. Senior club also takes goes above and beyond to accomplish the plans they have for the senior class of 2k17.