For the past 2 Months the online gaming community has been leaking a new call of duty game for 2017. Speculation was first C.O.D World at War 2 which is a new game continuing C.O.D world at war, but as more people started leaking new information the gamers now were convinced that Call of Duty World War 2 was going to be the game for 2017. Now the game is not a speculation: Activion, the creators of one of the most fan favorite game of Call of duty players, Black Ops 2 – released a new image of the new 2017 Call of Duty game, C.O.D WW2. The image was released on April 24. Activion posted a tweet saying there would be a stream about the new call of duty game on April 26. The hype was real – every gamer on youtube posted something about this game. The gamers were exited to see Call of Duty to go back to its roots, which means that the game will be boots on ground. The last 3 games were with jetpacks and Call of Duty died out when these games were released, but now the new Call of Duty is the most hyped game in COD history.