There has been a huge controversy, for the past years between two phone companies which are Apple and Samsung.There have been many tests on both of these companies’ phones and Samsung usually comes out on top with durability but was it that way this time? According to Samsung this Galaxy S8 is 99.9% durable against most things including fire. This will also include being water resistant, not water proof – no phone is quite there yet but they are pretty good at holding some water off. Drop it just right from a considerable height, have it land on a hard surface, and the Galaxy S8’s glass will crack like any other phone. It’s not Samsung’s fault. It just what happens. Glass shatters in some scenarios no matter how durable it’s supposed to be. But other than that, the Galaxy S8 is virtually indestructible. A new video shows the phone successfully passing a variety of torture tests unscathed, including the infamous bend test. The front and back glass will not scratch easily, which means you don’t necessarily need screen protectors or cases for the phone. Other stress tests proved the phone can deal with water immersion, and that the phone’s battery won’t even explode if pierced. The Galaxy S8’s flash is also protected by the glass cover at the back, and the fingerprint scanner, after being heavily scratched, still managed to do its functions properly. The author also conducted a burn test, and normally the phones get a white tinge, and never recover. But, the Galaxy S8 recovers back in 30 seconds. However, on the third try, the burn mark finally stayed on. So if you want a durable phone that will for sure last go out and buy the Samsung Galaxy s8.