Battle Tips

As a new player, before going into battle, you must first become informed and prepared. Here are a few tips when getting started.

  • Have variety in your deck, both offensive and defensive
  • Don’t underestimate the “skarmy” and other hoards
  • Don’t rush attacks
  • view replays on TV royale for strategies
  • Avoid too heavy decks
  • some of the tanks you never want to allow to reach your tower: P.E.K.K.A, Sparky, Inferno dragon, and the balloon which is not so much of a tank but very powerful.

What is Clash Royale?

Clash Royale is a freemium mobile strategy video game developed and published by Supercell. The game combines elements from collectible card games, tower defense, and multiplayer online battle arena. The game was released globally on March 2, 2016. In Clash Royale, players are ranked by their level, trophies, and/or arena. The maximum level is thirteen, obtained by getting more experience from donating or levelling up cards. There are eleven arenas (excluding training camp) in total, with each arena having a certain trophy limit. A player wins a battle by destroying more towers than the opponent, or by destroying the opponent’s “King’s Tower”, which grants an automatic three “crown” victory. At the start of each game, both players are given a “hand” of four cards from a “deck” of eight cards chosen by the player. Cards can be used to attack and defend. To play the cards, the player must have enough “elixir”, one elixir automatically being replenished every 2.8 seconds (every 1.4 seconds during ‘Double Elixir’, during the last 60 seconds of the game). Once a card is placed, a new card from the deck is drawn to the hand.


Every game has its “OP” characters which simply means overpowered, here are a few of them:


-elite barbarians

-Royal Giant



-hog rider

-electro wizard