According to the Youth Risk Behavior Survey, which has been conducted by the federal government every year since 1991, teenagers engage in risky behaviors far less often than ever before or they’ve just gotten better at lying about it. A new survey ranks Arizona teenagers number 1 in the nation when it comes to being irresponsible. The Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System data, which is released by the federal government each year, looks at “six types of health risk behaviors that contribute to the leading causes of death and disability among youth and adults.”Some including Behaviors that contribute to unintentional injuries, violence Sexual behaviors related to unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV infection Alcohol and other drug use, Tobacco use, and healthy dietary behaviors Inadequate physical activity. Most of these irresponsible teenagers tend to be more men than women. In all Arizona Tucson has more irresponsible teens in the state.

Through out the span of October 11th and September 11th the federal government said that in the past month 10 percent of Arizona teens smoked cigarettes in the past 30 days,23 percent said they’ve smoked marijuana,35 percent said they’ve had alcohol, and 45 percent said they did not use a condom during there last sexual encounter. Arizona teens are placed in first place in the country due to the federal government having an irresponsibility Score Our state of Arizona has 100 percent, Arizona is number one for most irresponsible teenagers. Actually, We have a perfect score.

The survey examined a variety of irresponsible behaviors and created an Irresponsibility Index measuring the 7 most popular bad behaviors: drinking and driving, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, using cocaine, unprotected sex, and drinking or abusing drugs before sex. Arizona scored an Irresponsibility Score of 100%.

Missouri is in second place with 99.76, Hawaii in third with 98.96 percent, Wyoming in forth with 96.74,and Alabama in 95.19.These are the top 5 states with irresponsible teens in the country. Of course if I’m doing the top worst states in the country I should also do the top 5 best states in the country. The following states in the country which are in rankings In number 1 Massachusetts, number 2 New Hampshire, 3 Minnesota, in 4th North Dakota, and in 5th Washington. These are the top 5 best states in the country.

I feel like Arizona teens are the most irresponsible in the country because more people from Mexico came to phoenix to find jobs but most immigrants are undocumented they don’t have a good job but most parents expect their children to work harder so they could get a good job, but of course some parents are drug addicts and they let there children smoke weed and drink I think this is why we have the most irresponsible teenagers. Although I found a website called mask who has some different opinions. Kimberly Cabral is the founder of MASK, Mother Awareness school on school-aged kids .Which is a non-profit group works with schools around the Valley, helping children deal with the pressures of life. She’s said that keeping teens on the right path starts in elementary school.”Kids need to be educated younger,” Cabral said. “We can’t wait for tomorrow’s teens. We have to educate them today start early in kindergarten and equip them with tools and tactics to use. I think we have to, as a state, look at this as a wake up call and come together to provide more solutions for families.” Which means we have to teach our kids on A young age that some stuff is bad. But although we have the most irresponsible teenagers we are ranked in the state has in number 34 because we have a good unrestructured ranking. Which means we have a good looking state because we are ranked in 12th place in the country for our roads, buildings, and bridges.