Anyone out there in Maryvale High School can be or is already a leader and that is what student government is about.We are recruiting anyone who wants to experience the opportunity of being a student leader and what it is to be able to make the best for your own school.Being in Student Government is a really cool experience because first of all you meet a lot of new people on all the trips that are offered,you also get the opportunity to help the school with any problems or concerns to make it a better environment for the student body.There is a lot of dedication and hard work that will need to be put in by everyone because in Student Government is a group that stays The purpose of Student Government is three fold: to be the voice of the student body, to serve as a model government and to foster leadership development together. it is a fun experience and it is also a really fun time that in most cases also relieves stress and makes people always feel welcome.Its not just always about being with the same people or by yourself but here in Stu Go no matter who you are or where you come from or your race nothing matters but your personality.So why not give it a chance and join Student Government here at Maryvale High School.