In 1992 Scott Panetti killed his mother-in-law and his father-in-law. He had his wife and daughter hostage for the night, and than surrendered to police the next morning. Three years later, Panetti was in a Texas state court for capital murder. Panetti was to represent himself, and so the trial court ordered a competency hearing. Panetti was found to be suffering from a “fragmented personality, delusions, and hallucinations” for which he was hospitalized over 12 times and for which he had been prescribed high doses of powerful psychiatric drugs for schizophrenia. Panetti’s ex-wife testified at the competency hearing and said that one of Panetti’s psychotic episodes in 1986 ,  had “become convinced the devil had possessed their home and, in an effort to cleanse their surroundings, Panetti had buried a number of valuables next to the house and engaged in other rituals.” Even with this testimony, Panetti was found competent to be tried and to claim his right to counsel.