The Day of silence is a day where teenagers from all across the country take a vow to stay silent. This is to call attention to Anti-LGBTQ behavior. For example, name calling, bullying or any harassment. On April 21st, the silence of your classmates will be used as a means of ‘speaking out’ against these negative behaviors.  One of the many clubs we have here at Maryvale is The Gay-Straight Alliance, who will also be participating in the Day Of Silence. It not only limited to only them; you may also join along to support LGBTQ students.

This is for a cause, not a reason to not answer a question in class. According to Lambda Legal “Under the Constitution, public schools must respect students’ right to free speech. The right to speak includes the right not to speak, as well as the right to wear buttons or T-shirts expressing support for a cause.” Yet this doesn’t extend to classroom time. “If a teacher tells a student to answer a question during class, the student generally doesn’t have a constitutional right to refuse to answer.”  Please don’t use this for bad. We as a school are trying to make matter better for our LGBTQ classmates.

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