One of the most anticipated time of the year is spring break, but it is until the week of spring break that you begin to realize you have no plans. Although there are many places and activities to do, there is one that exceeds them all. Rocky point is one of the most visited places when it comes to having a good time during spring break. Although it may be a pretty long drive, most can agree that it is worth it. Rocky point is located in Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico. You will need to cross the U.S. and Mexican border so remember to take roof of residency or you may not be coming back. What takes place at Rocky Pint can be identified as crazy to some but to the people that experience it can call it a lifetime experience. Although being at the beech may be an amazing experience, it’s during the night that the fun begins. As the sun goes down, the beeches, roads, and hotels begin to fill with parties filled with tourists. If you still do not have plans as to what it is you may want to do this spring break, Rocky Point should be an option in your list.