Green Day recently opened their Revolution Radio tour at Talking Stick Resort Arena.  For a band that has been around for over 30 years, they still have an amazing amount of energy and can put on a great show.

During the concert, they performed a variety of songs from all of their albums.  Nothing was neglected, they played many of their early hits as well as the most recent ones.  At many times, Billie Joe Armstrong invited the audience to sing and chant along.  One of the best parts of any Green Day concert is when members of the audience are invited up on stage to sing or play with the band.  First, a child dressed in a dress shirt and skinny tie à la Bille Joe was invited up.  Later, a young man came up and sang lead vocals while the band accompanied him.  Finally, a young woman who played the guitar was invited up and rewarded not only with cheers, but with a guitar to keep.  It’s wonderful to see the band support amateur musicians in this way.

The pyrotechnics and lighting were also amazing.  They used a variety of lights, fireballs and fireworks – some were so loud that it made the audience jump each time they went off!  The band was full of action, bouncing around on stage for the entire 2-plus hour performance.

As always, politics came up during the show.  No particular names were mentioned, but it was quite clear where the band stands: Billie Joe called for an end to “homophobia, racism, sexism and xenophobia.”  At one point he spoke about “dumb politicians” who are trying to divide people – he called for a night of love and and end to the negativity.  He admonished one person who was watching the show through a phone, telling her to put down the phone, look him in the eye and really be at the concert rather than watching it through a device.