This new game was introduced to us in a press conference for Nintendo Switch. In which Mario is put into our very own world. Well, more of a replica. Take place in “New Donk City” which is suppose to be New York city.  In New Donk City, Donkey Kong is the leader and he rules over all the human there.

Another thing that was show in the Trailer is a billboard/poster that show Bowser in a white tux with Princess Peach in a wedding gown.  Princess peach of course looking very objective to the idea.

There was so much thing that were depicted in this trailer: The ship that Mario uses to get from different dimensions, the new villains that Mario must now face, and all the human encounters that he sees.

What more is that Mario hat is now alive. With it own little pair of eyes. An amazing addition very original.

Trailer For “Super Mario: Odyssey”