It's Interesting really

There are millions of different people with distinct interests. Some people also share interest but the opinions and perspectives can be very different. Many people take interest in things such as sports, music, or even in education. Then there’s those of us who take interest in cars. Most people just know or identify them as “car guys” or “car girl”. Although that can be used as a general title, there are many different types of “car people”. Some of which you may like and other which you may already know about for their bad fame. Some that know what they’re doing and others that think they know what they’re doing. Here are some of the categories the title “car people” breaks into.


We all know that if you really want to beat that 10 sec car you have to have at least 10 stickers. What many people don’t know is that for every sticker, you add on an extra 5hp, which eventually adds up. Of course we also need down force so lets just throw on as many body kits as we can, and don’t forget the hood scoops, roof scoops, and the painted wheels. You also have to get the attention of everyone so you have to install the loudest exhaust possible to intimidate everyone when you continuously rev your engine. No matter how much you’ll try to explain them how wrong they are, they wouldn’t care. A “Ricer” is whats known as someone who over exaggerates with his body mods and has all the wrong ideas about what to do with a car. If what you want to achieve is a laughable car, then these are the people you want to be around.


If you want to talk to someone who is driving some serious speed, the “tuner” is the person you want to talk to. Money isn’t a problem when is comes to your car if you’re a tuner and no matter how much boost you may already have, much is still not enough. From tuning, ECU chips, turbos, superchargers, to Exhaust, they have it all. Tuners even go as far as creating their own custom parts to fit their cars. In a car of a tuner, the things you will find are an amazing sight, from the big turbo in the place of a headlight, an engine that doesn’t even belong to the car, to a completely remodeled engine bay. Boost is a word they know all too well and go past the limits to get the most amount as possible. If speed is what you want to be recognized for, hanging out with this group would be the right choice.


For those of you who think breathing in tire smoke is bad, these guys live off of tire smoke. From new tires every week, to creating clouds, their lifestyle consists of “getting sideways”. Although many people discovered the meaning of drifting from the movie The Fast And the Furious Tokyo Drift, Drifting has been around for a long time. Drifting has become so big that there are now professional competitions for it. There are many events dedicated to doing it also. If what you want to achieve is to be able to drift. you will need a few modifications to your suspension. the “drifter” is the guy who can go through any turn at his desired speed. A road full of turns and twists is created into a playground for them. Their only goal is the create the longest amount of consecutive turns while keeping a constant cloud of smoke tracing behind the car.

The Sound System guy

If you hate listing to music full blast, staying away from these guys might be a good idea. Although many people see a broken windshield as a misfortune, for them, this is their only goal. “Bass” which is the lowest pitch in a group of instruments is one thing you will here the most around these guys. Sound systems were originally made for a good beat to drive to but soon became a competition. There are now even competitions for the loudest sound systems. In these cars, you can find anything from speakers on seats, speakers on the roof, speakers on instead of seats, to even a whole car interior made up of speakers. Keeping a stock sound system is not an option for these guys, so if attention from two streets away is what you want, these are the kind of guys you want to hang around with.