UofA trip

On Jan 24 the Avid classes got the opportunity to go to UofA to get the feeling of what it was to be in college. Will the help of the Avid sponsors , Avid students from freshman to seniors got the chance to step on the grounds of UofA. This has been the first time in a while that the whole Avid group meets up and get set to go to a University or trip ! it was pretty exciting for all the participants in the Avid program due to the fact that the Avid program is now growing. The students got the chance to go on the trip with some pretty cool buses rather than the traditional yellow buses the school uses.

The trip took about two and a half hours to get there and return to Phoenix. Most students took money or snacks on their trip in order to have something in their stomachs. As soon as the students arrived at the  UofA the chaperones got a group of students and went to go eat at various local restaurants. When the students were done they all met up with the whole group and got to see the University as part of a  tour! Students were shocked about how the school looked and what its rank was in the arts. The students also got a chance to hear the UofA fight song along with the story behind it and the reason why students painted the gym.

Overall the trip was a great success. Walking around, there was a a great vibe from the people and the teachers. UofA was quite impressive to the students and chaperons who had never seen it.